JS Pong
Pong was my first Javascriptgame I had made. The control is the mouse movement and you can play and pause it, when you klick into the black field. It's created with an html5 canvas and the Javascript function setInterval() which refrech the canvas 60 times per secound.
JS Snake
The snake game is technicly nearly the same as the Pong game, only that it runs with only ten frames per secound, because it's to hard to play with higher fps and it looks more than the original game. To play the game, you must click inside the black field and controle the snake with the wasd keys.
JS Animations
Beside some more JS minigames, I also made some JS animation, like the star animation or the color changing sidebar at the main page. Also I made an random generatated snow and firework animation you can see on the left side, when you click on the black field.
Java MySQL_Tool
It's an tool with an easy acces to my Database, where I can easy edit, add and delete the project dataset on this side. It's also has his own Account system, so its also can used to work with other MySQL Databases
Java MySQL_Chat
It's an device independet Chat client, that works with an MySQL database.
Android Calculator

The Android Calculator app was my first own app project I realized. The calculator has only the Basic functions, but they work really good. It can even calulate longer math tasks and folow the most math rules.

If you are interested in the Calculator, you can download the App here.
RFID Door opener
The RFID Door opener is an simple upgrade for an normal electronic dooropener. The only thing the upgrade needs are 4 wires (or an ethernet cable) form the doorbell inside to an place outside the house. Inside The house is an Raspberry Pi with an User Database und an relay to open the door and outside is an Arduino nano with an RFID reader that read the Card uid. Documentation